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Your Daughter's Prom

It is your daughter's prom for high school approaching in about a month and you want to help her pick out the perfect dress and shoes to wear to it. She just met a lovely young man and you know how important it is for her to impress him. You go around to many shops and everything just costs a fortune. Luckily, since it is the prom time of year, there are some prom dresses on sale so you check out places like Nordstroms Rack, Loehmanns, and Marshalls.

It seems like it was only yesterday that your daughter graduated kindergarten, and now she is soon approaching her high school graduation. She has worked really hard and has also worked very hard in looking into colleges and applying for them. She has looked for colleges all over the country, the west coast and even east coast, and she also scored really well in her SAT's. She took many advanced placement courses such as history, biology, literature, and calculus. You want to reward her for all of her hard work and get her a beautiful prom dress, shoes, and maybe even some jewelry and perfume!

You search and search around with her for days and you finally find a dress at Nordstroms Rack that is perfect. She is also happy with it and tries it on. It is just her size and it does not need to be altered at all! It is a navy blue dress that goes past her knees with three quarter sleeves. You also find for her a pearl necklace that is not too expensive, for one hundred dollars, and a pair of Nine West satin shoes with a little heel also for one hundred dollars at Nordstroms Rack.

Your daughter is just starting to get into perfume so you find for her a small bottle of Calvin Klein perfume that she can wear to the prom and also keep after for other special occasions. The Calvin Klein perfume only costs you twenty dollars at Marshalls, a real deal! You almost want to buy five for this great price.

So you help her get ready for the night of the prom and once she is all dressed you help her set her hair in curls and do her makeup and help her with the last touch of the Calvin Klein perfume. She looks so mature and the boy taking her to the prom is also very impressed with how she looks.

Looking for prom dresses can be a bit of an exploration but fun as well! If you bring your daughter along with you it can either be a real help or a great disaster. They will either like your taste or think you have no idea what style they are into. So, you should always ask what they are looking for and try to work with them, and not always dominate the dress search yourself. Luckily you only have to look for a prom dress once in your life. The next expensive dress you will have to buy for her is the one she will wear for her wedding!