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Silk Scarves - 4 Ways to Wearing Long Silky Scarves The Glam Way

Silk scarves make a wonderful fashion accessory and must be made a part of our wardrobe. Even when going out on any trip, you should not forget to carry a couple of these beauty aids which can add sheen to one's clothes. You can wear a long scarf the way you like. The truth is that you can drape or tie this small piece of clothing in a hundred ways.

While talking about these longer pieces, an important thing to be kept in mind is that it is somewhat different from the common winter scarves. That is because the main aim of any winter garment is keep the person warm, especially if your winter piece is made of some cozy woolen stuff. So, you can wear a long one that is a bit heavy or bulky.

1. Just put the piece on the back of your neck and wrap both the ends around your neck. Let the ends of the garment loose in the front. You will look elegant and feel cozy as well.

2.  Another way to wear a long scarf is to wrap it on your head from the centre just like a turban, but just once. Take both the ends of the fabric on front of your body and simply wrap these ends around your neck. Let them fall back at your back. It is quite popular style of carrying one gracefully.

3.  Long silk scarves can be worn as a hair band, headscarf or just wrapped around your ponytail like a silk ribbon to make your hair look dazzling in this fashion accessory. You can also use it as a hip scarf or for making belts to be worn over your sleek pair of jeans or trousers. Just make sure to fold it a couple to times so that it can be easily passed through the pant loops.

4. A long one can also be worn as a shawl provided it's also wide enough to be draped around your shoulders. You can opt to pin it up to keep it from flowing wild in all directions. Another good option is to place it on one shoulder and let it do the magic of making you look gorgeous.

Don't think twice about investing in this evergreen fashion accessory that will add special charm to your looks, no matter how you wear it. The internet is a good place to search for various ideas to wear them in different ways.