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Helpful Hints to Dress Your Dog

First, let's clarify that some dogs do need clothing for warmth. Several breeds do not have an undercoat and actually have hair like humans. Chinese Crested has neither, just bare skin.

Now that we have established that fact:

You have just purchased an adorable dog sweater or coat to keep your four-legged family member warm, but your dog wants nothing to do with wearing clothes. He wiggles, squirms, and fights you every step of the way until you finally give up.

Please make sure that the dog clothing is actually comfortable, that the fabric is soft and will not scratch your pet's skin or irritate his face or other areas. If you would not be comfortable in a human version of the garment, do not put it on your pet.

Reduce the stress in dressing and training your dog to wear clothes. As with any training, keep it a positive experience! Stay calm and don't get frustrated or your pet will sense your anxiety.

Approach your pet when he is the least active or even sleepy. Have a reward treat nearby, but not so close that he gets too excited and starts squirming to get the treat.

If you need to put something over your pet's head, scrunch it up and gather the fabric so only the head opening shows. (Think of how panty hose are put on). Place the garment over the pet's head and then find the leg openings and put each paw through the opening. Pull the garment down across the back. Immediately reward your pet. Praise him for how terrific he/she looks and take him outside to walk or play. Associate the clothing with a positive experience and he will soon be bringing you his clothes to put on.