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Are Leather Coats Made in USA Better Than Imports?

This is a question my clients ask me all the time. In addition to managing a fur manufacturer, I also spend a lot of time at our retail boutique. One type of item we sell a lot is our leather jackets and leather coats. Of course, we carry American and Canadian made leathers garments, but we also have a few leathers made in other parts of the world such as Italy, Turkey and China.

So, are American and Canadian made leather garments better than from other countries? In all honestly, that is too hard to answer without being completely biased. For a number of years, the suppliers we dealt with made coats that were far superior to the imports. Yes, they are more expensive than the imports, and that's reasonable since cost for labor is better. But there's something else to the domestic manufacturers that Chinese or Turkish suppliers do not have, and that's an artistic craftsmanship. Domestic coat makers are much smaller, and have more of a hands-on approach to their product. Due to this reason, there's more of an attention to detail, hence improving quality.

This is not to say that imports do not have good products. I recently came back from China and experienced very good quality leather. The leather was extremely soft, and the stitching was excellent. But you know that this supplier was going to make 300,000 coats of this exact style. What's the chance that one of these 300,000 does not have a defect? With that kind of production, it's almost impossible to check all the coats, even if you have really good quality control.

In summary, it's more of a matter of whom made the coat, and not where it was made. But if you are not sure, check with the store owner and do a bit of research about the leather you are buying.